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The Weekly Pause

The Weekly Pause discusses the topics associated with Social and Emotional Intelligence to help women and men move into their potential, personally and professionally. Your co-hosts, Lenore and Paige, share personal stories as well as interviews with experienced professionals and end the podcast with a couple of minutes of mindfulness practice.


Episode 1: Getting to Know Us!

In this lively episode, you will get to know both Paige and Lenore, upfront and personal. They will share stories about themselves, their passions, and how they help others. 
 Both Lenore and Paige are Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coaches through the Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence. 

Episode 2: Resilience in Everyday Life

Today we are interviewing Joanna Pera,  a peer Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, and a very talented artist, who will share some personal stories about her resilient journey and some techniques that she used to guide her.   (11/24/20)

Episode 3: Let's Talk Stress

In this episode, Lenore and Paige share stories about stress and offer
tools to deal with managing that stress. These tools include proven strategies directly from their Institute of Social and Emotional Intelligence toolkit. These are the tools they use for their clients, helping them manage stress and stay emotionally healthy. 

Episode 4: The Pivot

In this episode our guest, AJ Thurber of Grech Motors openly shares his story about how he was forced to pivot his business model and his life when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. He describes how he and The Grech Motors Team went from being hugely successful to having to pivot their business model in a matter of months. Join us as we hear AJ tell his story, his struggles and the new found success of Grech Motors.  (12/21/20)

Episode 5: The Goal of the Goal

In this episode, we will discuss what it means to set goals and how to go about fulfilling them. We talk about strategies that we use to set our goals and how we guide our clients to successfully achieve theirs. 

Episode 6: The Biology of Emotions

We have the distinct honor of speaking with Joshua Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds. Six Seconds is a global emotional intelligence community of changemakers contributing to a world of insight, connection and purpose. Listen in as we explore the biology of emotions and how they affect us personally and professionally. 

Episode 7: Couple Communication Goals

With Valentines Day approaching, join Paige and I as welcome our guest Dena Otrin, Licensed Counselor. In this podcast, "Couple Communication Goals", we will discuss some effective strategies that will allow you to not only listen to, but hear your partner and respond to them effectively. Happy Coupling! 

Episode 8: Strengthening Relationships with Emotional Intelligence!

Valentines Day is a reminder of love for us all. Today we will discuss some tips on keeping the relationship going, the good, the bad and the ugly. This discussion with Coach Lincoln Kokaram explores behaviors that can lead to fulfilling or to prepare for future relationships. In todays meditation, we will focus on relaxation while opening the heart for love and clearing the throat for effective communication.

Episode 9: Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence

It is a widespread belief that emotions come directly from the heart and effect only the heart. In today's episode, Mary Lu O'Halloran joins Paige and me to discuss the part your brain plays as you experience various emotions. Mary Lu is a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach and studies neuroscience  as it relates to relates to our brains. 

Episode 10: Tips for Emotional Management During Career Transitions

Change can be scary, but it can also be empowering – especially if you know how to navigate the emotions that accompany transitions.  Join Lenore and Paige, along with Matt Perelstein (long-time Emotional Intelligence Professional and founder of EQ4Peace) as they discuss ways to manage emotions while changing careers and adapting to new work environments. 

Episode 11: Emotional Relevance at Work

In this episode our guest is Alon Zaibert who will explain about Emotional Relevance and how it pertains to corporate settings and the sales cycle. This lively conversation with Alon, Lenore and Paige is sure to create awareness about emotional intelligence in the work place. 

Episode 12: Embracing One Child at a Time

Feeling safe, secure, and heard is imperative to every human being.  And feeling safe and heard when discussing your emotions, and while learning to navigate and manage your emotions, is crucial to wellbeing.  

In this episode, we discuss this very truth with Kristen Hopkins, Founder of Dangers of the Mind (DOM).  DOM is a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum, developed for at-risk youth.  And it is being implemented throughout the nation!  As Kristen describes in this episode, every child is to be valued and every child should be embraced – including the “child” in each adult.  

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