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What people are saying: 


This past fall I enrolled in my town's adult education program - I took an Emotional Intelligence class instructed by Paige Dest.  It was a total of six classes, and I was deeply engrossed in every session.  I immediately took to Paige's teaching style, as she not only introduced the students to fascinating and highly relevant material, but she applied the concepts to our everyday lives, at work and at home.  I am an HR professional and was able to apply the course content to my work environment - I find that I do it constantly.  I also found that the information and techniques that Paige taught were very relevant and helpful in my personal life - I make use of what Paige taught me virtually on an every day basis.  Paige is not only an effective instructor, but she is also an insightful, intuitive, and sensitive person who is so interested in guiding her students to improve their lives.  I am a better person for having attended Paige's class, getting to know her, and applying her teaching and wisdom. 


I'm so happy that I attended Paige's course. It was "life changing" for me. I now have some great tools to manage everyday difficulties and life in general. I think she is wonderful, and I hope to attend future courses.

What people  like about our Retreats and Workshops:

"It was engaging and a warm atmosphere with beautiful people each so very unique and special. I learned new concepts with which I can grow from going forward.  Life is just a matter of perspective. People are so much more alike than they are different."

"The activities broke up the narrative and allowed me to apply the concepts to myself.   Also the intimate dining room with spectacular decor and views.  The free time for reflection each in his/her own way."

"Conversations with others and tips for self care. Paige was a good presenter."..."The information shared was really easy to digest and Paige was very personable."..."Paige shared many helpful ideas at the workshop."

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